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Divorce Made Simple

We understand that divorces are never easy, but we also understand that they needn’t be complicated, and apart from one party appearing in court, it can be done online from the comfort of your home.

We highly recommend that you mediate your divorce, one of our attorneys can assist you with this at any time, online or at our offices in Westville.

We can assist both parties in reaching a settlement, drawing the agreement as well as with the actual divorce process. Often a mediator will assist you with the settlement, but cannot take the matter any further, including placing the settlement in a legally binding document, which often de-rails the entire settlement.

We appreciate that it might not be easy to meet with your soon to be ex-spouse, which is why our attorneys who have many years’ experience are able to assist you both with discussing the difficult topics, as well as being able to competently advise you on the legal aspects of the divorce itself, including parenting arrangements; finances; and maintenance.

Our online consultations are often a useful way of overcoming the fear associated with meeting the other party face to face.

There are many offerings of online divorces, where the papers are drawn and then you are left to navigate the court system to get the matter heard, albeit with specific instructions.

We do not believe that this is a most effective way of getting divorced, and in this regard, we confirm that we will take the necessary information from you either in person or online and attend to all the necessary on your behalf.