Introducing #Rhinovember – Uniting for Rhino Conservation!

In November 2016, our journey began with a passion to protect and preserve the magnificent rhinos of South Africa. We launched the “Rhinovember” initiative, a heartfelt campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the dire situation our country’s rhinos face due to relentless poaching. Rhinovember is more than an event; it’s a cause close to our hearts.

Every year, we join hands with dedicated organisations committed to the rhino’s protection and conservation. Together, we set a powerful goal – to raise vital funds that fuel their relentless efforts in the fight against poaching and to secure the future of these majestic creatures.

Join Us at Rhinovember 2023 – Shongweni Farmers Market on November 4th!

Mark your calendars for a day filled with unity, compassion, and action. The 2023 Rhinovember event is set to take place at the vibrant Shongweni Farmers Market on November 4th. It’s an opportunity for all of us to come together, stand up for what we believe in, and make a real difference.

By participating in Rhinovember, you are contributing to a brighter future for rhinos. Your support empowers the organisations tirelessly working to protect these incredible animals and ensures that the next generation can witness the beauty of rhinos in the wild.

Ready to join the movement and become a part of something bigger? Learn more about our mission, discover how you can get involved, and stay updated on all the exciting details of the upcoming event.

Together, we can turn the tide in the battle against poaching and safeguard the rhinos for generations to come. Join us at Rhinovember 2023, and let’s make a stand that matters. Together, we can make a difference that lasts.