About Us

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Our Origin Story

Officially, BDE began on Valentine’s Day in 2014, but in truth its origins go back about a decade before that when Gareth, Nix, Carlo and Ant first met.
Whilst it may sound clichéd to some, it was “love at first sight”. Naturally, it wasn’t love at first sight in the romantic sense that the phrase is so often used, but in much the same way that people do fall in love quickly, the four of us developed an almost instantaneous mutual respect for each-others’ diverse legal talents and differing perspectives, and from that stemmed an incredibly strong friendship that has well withstood the test of time.

Our relationships with each-other have grown and evolved over the years, both as we socialized as friends and as we liaised as colleagues. We have time and again turned to each other to bounce ideas off, and in so doing have repeatedly challenged each other if we disagreed with a particular point of view.

So, as we were saying, BDE was officially formed on 14 February 2014 (a day befitting our incredibly special friendship) and is the culmination of many years of a desire to work together towards something “better”, a more personal and professional approach to law.

“We had all known that we wanted to move away from the conventional approach always adopted in our profession, and particularly from aged concepts like, “This is the way things have always been done” and “Attorneys don’t care about my problem, they are just after my money”.

We didn’t want to just deliver good legal services (which of course we do), we wanted to deliver something “more”. We wanted to provide the X-factor which is so often missing in the conventional approach to practicing law. Out of this desire to change the way we practiced, we have developed a business that strives to know its clients intimately, that strives to anticipate their needs and to find innovative solutions that other firms aren’t able to provide.

Innovation, integrity, and “out of the box – solutions based thinking” continuously inform the way we practice law and service our client’s needs, but above all, we aim to provide world class, unparalleled service.