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Everything you need to know about Pamela Roestoff.
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Pamela Roestof

Conveyancing Paralegal

Pamela has over thirty years experience in all aspects of conveyancing practice and is not only knowledgeable but when it comes to delivering rapid efficient service she is incomparable. She takes pride in the fact that she is available to her clients at all times and will always respond to any queries as quickly as possible.

Her vast experience has exposed her to all aspects of conveyancing including bonds, divorce, and estate transfers as well as transfers following sales in execution.

Pamela and her husband Martin live in Wembley, Pietermaritzburg, where she can be found working remotely most days with her parrot- Blue, and her furry colleagues. The rest of the time she is keeps the rest of the team on their toes in the office.

In her spare time, she enjoys race walking and has walked comrades and many other marathons around the country and overseas. She is affectionately known by her friends as “walkie-talkie”.